Welcome to the first half of the Spring Term 2020 January 6th to February 14th
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Class 2

This term class 2 have been studying volcanoes. They have constructed volcanoes from papier mache and mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to mimic an eruption.





This term we are focusing on British people and characters who have changed our lives, learning how people from the past and present have influenced our lives.

Our topic this term is Food and Farming


We had great fun making our papier-mache animal heads for our reading corner using chicken wire and lots and lots of glue.


We also made little Scarecrow heads from lollypop sticks and craft foam



We have also been looking into the different parts of plants as well as growing our own cress. We investigated how growing cress in different places effects the growth of the cress.


This term our topic is 'Inventors and Pioneers'- How have they changed our view of the world?


This term in Class Two we have designed and made ‘flying machines’ as part of our Inventors and Pioneers Topic. The children had great fun testing them out to see how well they worked and how far they ‘flew’.




As part of their Autumn half term homework project Class Two had to research a Victorian Person and a Victorian game that they could teach to Class One. Through out our Victorian Day the children researched their person and whether they went to school and what a Victorian School would be like.





We made card stamps of water lily leaves and flowers. Then we created a watery background using a wash.




Summer Term 2015


This term our topic is 'Predator V Prey'- How do animals survive in the world of water?



We are already well into our new topic for this term. In art we have been studying the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet, in particular his water lilies. From this we have created our own paintings of water lilies using wash techniques and stamps. We are now going to experiment with acrylic paints to depict the River Thames at different times of the day. In science we are finding out about pond predators, we have sorted and classified pond creatures and plants and identified those which are consumers and those which are producers.


We are finding all sorts of interesting ways to help us with learning our spellings. We have hopscotched our words, and have created a rap that includes our spelling words. We are now playing baseball with our spellings, aiming to score a home run.




Spring Term 2015



This term our key question for investigating is

Peace, Poppies, Poets- 'What do voices from the past tell us about WWI?'



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