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Black Torrington Church of England Primary


Spring Term 2018

In January  Class 2 attended a Dance Festival in the College along with other primary schools in the learning community. After a vigorous and exciting warm up the children were split into 2 groups to learn different genres of dance which they then performed to the group. The children enjoyed learning dance moves which included arms, gestures, jumping, stepping, sliding, clapping, all in time to the music finishing with a “pose” of their choice. Thank you to Mr Pugh for organising the event.


We had a visit from 3 local Police Community Support Officers, they came into school at lunchtime to hold a “mini police station”. They set up a table in the playground and brought activities and useful age related information for the children including literature, uniforms and handcuffs to try on. The children had a great time and nobody was arrested!


In February  Years 5 and 6 children went to Bridgerule school for an internet safety session, where they watched an informative play called “Virtual Reality” about a year 6 boy being given a laptop ready for “Big School” and the issues that may raise; the play hopes to help the children recognise the risks involved with using social media sites and video games.

We've had 1 0 9 6 7 visitors