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PE and Sport Premium

The Ruby Country Hub (Primary) PE and School Sports Funding
The Ruby Country Hub aims for all children within each school to be happy, healthy and confident. We will ensure that the sports funding will be used to allow children to be active, well, and happy, therefore becoming successful learners with high goals and aspirations in life.  As a school, we have attained high standards in a range of sports, and have targeted funding to engage more pupils in sports, to further up-skill the staff, to provide enrichment opportunities for all pupils including more able pupils and to improve resources for teaching and assessment.

Primary PE and Schools Sport Funding

The funding received by schools comes from three Government departments: Department for Education, Department of Health, and the Departments for Culture, Media and Sport. The funding goes directly to Primary School Head Teachers to spend on improving the quality of Sport and PE for all children. The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.


  • Improving the quality and breadth of PE in schools.
  • Enhanced school sport provision.
  • Increased participation in PE and School Sport to ensure healthy lifestyles for all children.
  • Provide the inspiration and links needed to join extra-curricular clubs at school and in the wider community.  

PE and Sport Premium 2019-2020

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